Wellness Range

Gfrag® SHE

A Natural product that alleviates symptoms of Menopause, Hot Flushes, PMS.

Gfrag® Liverite

Detoxifies. Breaks down liver fat Lowers Cholesterol

Gfrag® Lymphlex

Lymph and Cellulite Cleanse Aids in Lymph Drainage Detoxifies Relieves Oedema

Gfrag® Tight and Tone

Lipolysis in a Bottle Promotes natural lipolysis Breaks down fat cells Tightens skin

Gfrag® Fat Burn Coffee Syrup

Burns body fat Appetite reduction after 4 days Snack Less Reduce Cellulite Increases Metabolism Drink as is Add to your shake, cappuccino, or super charge your morning coffee

Gfrag® Fat Burning Hot Chocolate

Well each cup contains 3000mg L-Carnitine Other benefits : Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels High in Anti-Oxidants Promotes Natural Lipolysis