Wellness Range

Gfrag® Berberine Complex

Pcos Assists with depression Candida Diabetes Reduces Colesterol Reduces Sleep Apnea Insulin Resistance Lowers High Blood Pressure Assists Patients with Cancer Prevents Weight Gain...

Gfrag® Hydrolized Peptan Collagen with Vit C

Reduces Wrinkles Clear, Youthful Skin Reduces Cellulite Healthy Stronger Hair & Nails Relieves Arthritis Symptoms Relives Joint Pain Promotes Healthy Organs

Gfrag® Boot Camp Body Shake

Try our Whey Protein Shakes in various flavours, they are yummy! One shake per day can be used as a meal replacement.

Gfrag® HCG

Gfrag® Magnesium Ultra Potent Pink Powder

Relieves Tension Headaches & Migraines Helps with Insomnia Reduces Symptoms of Stress like Anxiety Manages Fibromyalgia Pain Relieves Muscle Cramping

Gfrag® Migraine Support

Prevents Migraines Lessen the Severity of Migraines Assists with Bad Headaches

Gfrag® Super Green Health & Beauty Supplement

Hair, Skin & Nails Gut Health Immune Boosting Hormone Balancing Daily Dose of Greens Anti-Aging Improves appearance of Cellulite Relieves Joint Pain Subject to Availability 

Gfrag® Perfect Tan

Gradually tan without the sun.

Gfrag® Cellulite Release

Prevents cellulite formation Improves the appearance of cellulite Improves skin elasticity

Gfrag® Cortisol Support

Promotes healthy Cortisol levels Supports healthy Adrenal function Reduces Stress Levels Assists with Pain and Pain Management Perfect for athletes that needs that extra energy boost

Gfrag® Hypothyroid

A Natural Supplement that supports an under active thyroid, can be used with chronic thyroid medication.

Gfrag® Insuline Resistance

Prevents and Alleviates symptoms of Insulin Resistance.