Weight Loss Products

Gfrag® Crave Crusher

The Crave Crusher crushes cravings for sugar and carbohydrates by balancing the blood stream.

Gfrag® Green T & CLA

• Aids in Weight Loss and Abdominal Fat • Speeds up Metabolism • Reduces Abdominal Bloating • Lowers Blood Pressure, Sugar and Cholesterol • Perfect for diabetics

Gfrag® Kilo Off

Fat Accelerator Suppressant Energy Booster

Gfrag® Leptiburn

A natural product that supports Leptin Production and Sensitivity also assists in people who hit a plateau with their weight loss.

Gfrag® Sculpt & Cleanse

Perfect for people who suffer with Constipation and IBS

Gfrag® Skinny

Skinny is a all-in-one appetite suppressor and fat burner for men and women.

Gfrag® Thermoslim 24 Hour

A 24 Hour Fat Burning Formula