Weight Loss Products

Gfrag® Berberine Complex

Pcos Assists with depression Candida Diabetes Reduces Colesterol Reduces Sleep Apnea Insulin Resistance Lowers High Blood Pressure Assists Patients with Cancer Prevents Weight Gain...

Gfrag® Sleep Powder Superfood

A Natural aid to a good night’s rest Rest Rebalance Rejuvenate

Gfrag® Thermoslim 12 Hour

Gfrag® Gut-Amine

Relieves IBS & Heals Leaky Gut Anti-Aging Anti-Inflamatory Improves Athletic Performance Reduces Tissue Damage From Chemo Improves Symptoms caused by Diabetes Improves Gut Health...

Gfrag® Migraine Support

Prevents Migraines Lessen the Severity of Migraines Assists with Bad Headaches

Gfrag® Potent Fat Burner

Promotes Fat Loss Increases Lean Muscle Kick starts metabolism

Gfrag® Hunger Buster

A Natural and Safe product safe for all to use to suppress your appetite

Gfrag® 7 Day Slim Down

Gfrag® 7 Day Slim Down is a quick fix for weddings, functions or holidays.

Gfrag® Aqua Ban

Relieves bloating and puffiness due to water weight caused by Hormone Replacement Therapy, Menopause, Menstruation, Poor Circulation etc.

Gfrag® Bottom Slim

Finally something to help with those thunder thighs and big mamma hips. 100% natural Burns unwanted fat around thighs and hips

Gfrag® Belly Fat Reducer

The Gfrag® Belly Fat Reducer is made of advanced proprietary clinically studied ingredients to combat stomach fat.

Gfrag® Cheat Pill

A blend of natural fat and carbohydrate blocking agents that binds any excess fat and carbs consumed in high calorie meals.