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our approach

Our approach

Gfrag®’s mission is the individual approach we take in assisting you with your Weight Loss Goals. Every person is as different on the inside chemically as they are on the outside physically! Our programs are designed to fit the individual and not to force the individual to adjust to us.

Stop hating your body

Stop hating your body!

  • Believe in yourself!!
  • Be in charge of your eating habits!!
  • Think before you eat!!
  • Plan your meals ahead!!
  • Remember "it's all in the mind"!!
  • And the most important, "YOU CAN!!"

Don't starve yourself

Don't starve yourself

One of the major reasons so many people fail with diets is that they never learn the art of making smart choices. It's not that they don't want to do the right thing. They just don't know how to do it and the diet they've picked never teaches them how. Every day you make hundreds of small decisions that have an impact on whether you're going to gain or lose weight. One reason Gfrag® works is that you'll quickly learn how to make the right choices, so it becomes a second nature. For example, deciding to use low fat-milk in your cereal instead of full cream milk. How about choosing mixed berries for dessert or low fat frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream which has five times more calories?

feel good

Feel Good

Each individual decision doesn't have much of an impact, but when you add those decisions up at the end of the day – or at the end of the week – there's a big difference between the dieter who made good decisions 80% of the time and the dieter who made good decisions only 35% of the time. The goal of Gfrag® SA is to get you into that 80% group. In order to do that you have to keep in mind that small bad decisions have a cumulative effect. At the end of the week they can be the determining factor in whether you lose 2kg's or only 1kg.