Weight Loss Products

Gfrag® Kilo Off Syrup

Fat Accelerator Suppressant Energy Booster

Gfrag® Leptiburn

A natural product that supports Leptin Production and Sensitivity also assists in people who hit a plateau with their weight loss.

Gfrag® Lipo Slim for him & her

A Natural replacement for the famous Phen375. Assists in the chemical breakdown of consumed and stored body fat.

Gfrag® Sculpt & Cleanse

Perfect for people who suffer with Constipation and IBS

Gfrag® Skinny

Skinny is a all-in-one appetite suppressor and fat burner for men and women.

Gfrag® SlimX Spray

Have you tried Weight Loss Sprays before and it didn’t work? Well we saw this as a challenge and improvised on it! And We now have a spray that curbs your appetite and increases energy! Guess what...

Gfrag® ThermoSlim

A 24 Hour Fat Burning Formula

Gfrag® ThinHer

A Natural product helping women with weight gain due to hormonal disruption of thyroid and oestrogen levels.

Gfrag® ThinHim

Assists men with weight gain due caused by male hormonal disruption.